UKSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Candidates who are aspiring to take the UKSEE 2019 exam must be curious about the exam pattern and syllabus. After that, the question arises “how to prepare for UKSEE MBA” exam. So to do that, you need to go step by step. First, check all the details and important exam date of UKSEE 2019. Then check the exam its syllabus. After gathering all the details you must start the exam preparation with a strong strategy. Which includes proper planning of time management, practice, and mocks. Most importantly, remember consistency is the key. So, for your better preparation, read the complete UKSEE MBA 2019 Preparation article below.

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UKSEE MBA 2019 Preparation

The preparation for UKSEE is easy if you are already done with all other management entrance test. If you haven’t scored good percentile in CAT. Then, UKSEE 2019 is a good opportunity to secure the admission in MBA 2-year programme. A good preparation requires that you are punctual and analyzing your preparation regularly.

Time Management

This is the most basic step. Even if you are preparing for other exams. Then, spare few hours for practicing the questions of this exam according to its difficulty level. Stick to the plan always. Study daily even if for few hours. Remember, time management is intrinsic in MBA. So, why not start this habit now.

Practice Mocks

Practicing mocks is very important at any stage of preparation. So, take a mock a daily. In the starting take short length and topic wise mock. Once you are done with all the topics then move to full-length mocks. While giving the test, note the time to know how much time you are taking to attempt a question. Subsequently, try to reduce the time and try to attempt more questions in the test. In this exam, it is a great advantage that there is no negative marking. So, just focus on accuracy to achieve a good rank in the merit list.

uksee mba preparation 2019

UKSEE MBA 2019 Exam Pattern

In the exam, you will have 100 multiple choice question with four options each. Each question carries one mark with no negative marking. The paper is divided into three sections. The questions will come from reading Comprehension & verbal ability, data interpretation & logical reasoning and Quantitative Ability topics. The exact duration of the exam will available on the admit card.

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UKSEE 2019 Preparation – English or Verbal Ability

To excel in this section, you need to prepare for two parts. First is reading comprehension and second is verbal ability. Though both sections require a habit of good reading and a strong vocabulary.

Reading comprehension

  • For this section, read a newspaper daily. Pick any article which is interesting and informative. You can read editorial section of the newspaper to track the latest news.
  • While reading an article, subconsciously focus on the sentence structure and grammar.
  • After reading an article, check if you are able to retain what you have just read.
  • This tips will help you to answer the questions of the passage. If you know a question is from which para then you can reduce the time for surfing article again and again for each question.
  • Moreover, make a sequence of event in the mind while reading an article.

Pro Tip: Focus on transition words like Finally, further etc to analyze the sequence of events.

Verbal Ability

  • To prepare for this sections you need to focus on vocabulary part more. This will become strong once you start reading and learning new words daily.
  • Use the learned words frequently either in daily oral communication or writing.
  • Write new words in a dairy and revise them frequently.
  • For Grammar, in the initial few days read all the grammar rules and exceptions. Since they are fresh in your head, solve error based questions daily.
  • Moreover, there are high chances that you tend to forget the rules. So, it is advisable that you revise them atleast after every 20 days.

UKSEE 2019 Preparation – DILR

This section is the combination of data interpretation and logical reasoning. You need to prepare separately for these topics. Both need a different type of practice and strategy to ace this section.

Data Interpretation

  • To prepare for this section, you need to get comfortable with big calculation and analysis of the data.
  • In the graph, pie charts type questions apart from checking pictorial information read the question also. There are some parameters that are not shown in the picture.
  • Get comfortable with fraction to percentage conversion and vice versa. For this, learn the fraction until the number 20. You should be quick to convert 1/3 to 33.33%.
  • Apart from that, learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.

Pro Tip: Do the calculation in a way that you will able to reuse again. As result of one calculation may be required later. So, this way you will save time. Moreover, read all the questions of a set to check if same results are required.

Logical Reasoning

  • This section will become easy once you are done basics of each topic. Logical reasoning questions are comparatively easy if you are able to grasp the logic behind the question. This will come only after the repeated and strenuous practice.
  • Practise previous year question papers or online test daily.
  • Read all the statements in these sets carefully as missing any options will result in blunder. Moreover, you will lose much of the precious time in the exam.
  • In the question, do not assume anything and rely only on the given information.
  • Give maximum 5-7 to a question, if you are not able to understand it, then move forward to attempt next question.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to words like non-, un-, or dis-, all or none.

uksee mba 2019 preparation

UKSEE 2019 Preparation – Quantitative Ability

To attempt the questions in this section you should be quick. So, in order to become quick, you need to work on speed and strategy.

  • First of all, work on your basics. You need to have clarity on all the topics of the exam.
  • Take atleast 2-3 months to do with all the topics. Study patiently, you will see the result soon.
  • Solve atleast 100 questions whenever you learn a new topic. This way you will know to apply formulas and concept to a question.
  • Above all in QA, you must able to apply the concepts in a question.

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