UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – For a new academic session, the UPSEE exam takes place in the month of May every year. Similarly, candidates who are aspiring to pursue management programme in the year 2019-20 must start the UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation as soon as possible. The preparation for UPSEE MBA exam requires that you know its exam pattern and syllabus well. After that, learn and practice all the topics of the syllabus. Spare time for each section and take mocks regularly. Moreover, analyzing the mocks is the best habit. This way you will know which areas you need to revise again. Even more, find new ways to attempt a question in less time. In the article, you will find more UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation tips and strategy to prepare for the exam.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation

The preparation for an exam requires that you properly manage the time. Besides that, you must approach the right books, know the exam pattern, practice mocks and knows your strength & weaknesses.

Strength and Weakness

While learning the concepts, you must analyze what is your strength and weakness. You may find some topics where you always have to struggle. In order to improve on that, you have to get command of them patiently. This will take time and requires constant practice. So, give more time to these topics to excel them. Moreover, you can’t ignore the strong sections in order to improve the weak sections. So, don’t leave the practice of these topics, atleast practice them in regular interval. This way the topics will remain fresh on your mind. Remember never underestimate the strong areas, maintain a balance between both the areas.

Sample Paper and Mocks

The best way to test your practice is sample paper and mocks. This way you will be able to analyze the areas where you are still lacking. This can be due to numerous reasons, for example, you may have forgotten the formula or maybe you are not able to apply the concept to a question. For the first reason, you must write all the formulas in one place and revise it frequently. You must have seen that a question is easy but you forgot the formula. So, revise them to keep them fresh in your mind. For the second reason, go through the topic again. Do its atleast 30-40 to revise how to apply a concept to a question.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Exam Pattern

Exam pattern is important to know the number and type of questions in the exam. So you must check it before planning your timetable.

  • Mode of Examination – The exam takes place in online mode.
  • Type of Questions – Multiple Choice questions with four options each.
  • Marks per question – A add-on of 4 marks for each correct answer.
  • Negative Marking – There is no negative marking in the paper.
  • Number of questions – The total question in the test is 100.
  • Duration of Exam – You need to complete the exam in 120 minutes.
  • Number of sections – Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Decision Making, General Knowledge.

For UPSEE MBA 2019 Recommended Books, Click Here.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Syllabus

The paper is an aptitude test assessing the candidates on the basis of verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical & abstract reasoning and knowledge of current affairs.

  • English Language: Grammar, vocabulary, uncommon words, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, relationship between words & phrases and comprehension of passages.
  • Numerical Aptitude: Numerical calculation, arithmetic, simple algebra, geometry and trigonometry, Interpretation of graphs, charts, and tables.
  • Thinking and Decision Making: Creative thinking, unfamiliar relationships, verbal reasoning, finding patterns trends and Assessment of figures & diagrams.
  • General Awareness: Knowledge of current affairs and other issues related to trade,
    industry, economy, sports, culture, and science.

To download the complete UPSEE MBA Syllabus, Click Here.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Verbal ability

To ace this section you must read more and more. This way you will develop a reading habit, learn new words and improve grammar. Preparing for this section is a continuous process, so keep practicing as much you can.

Reading comprehension

  • First, develop a habit of reading newspapers. You can also read informative articles or blogs. Note the time in which you are able to read and understand an article. Try to reduce the time because in order to save time you must read faster. This will help you a lot to while attempting reading comprehension passages.
  • While reading a passage create a map of important points of each paragraph in your mind. This way you will know from which paragraph you can find the answer to a question.


  • For vocabulary part, read and learn new words daily.
  • Use the learned words frequently either in daily oral communication or writing.
  • Write new words in a dairy and revise them frequently.
  • Learn the context in which they are used and read the proper definition of a word atleast once.


  • Learn all the parts of speech. Like nouns, pronouns, adjective etc.
  • Pay attention to verbs and its parts like transitive and intransitive verbs.
  • After reading the rules, practice questions form it. Like this, you will remember how to apply rules of grammar.
  • Moreover, there are high chances that you tend to forget the rules. So, it is advisable that you revise them atleast after every 20 days.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Quantitative Ability

For this section, prepare form learning the concepts. You can take intermediate level NCERT books to practice the questions. Topics are general but you should know how to apply techniques and concepts to a question.

  • Whenever you learn a new concept, write its formulas in a notebook. Keep them updated and revise them daily.
  • Take full 2-3 months to learn all the topics. This will take time but soon it will become easier to attempt mocks having miscellaneous questions.
  • Solve atleast 100 questions from each topic. This way you will know how to apply formulas and concept to a question.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Thinking and Decision Making

The topics in this section are not predefined. So, atleast prepare the topics which are given here in the syllabus.

  • To ace this section you must know the logic behind each topic. For example, in clocks and calendar questions, you must learn what is the basic technique to solve such questions. If you do not know it then it will become difficult for you to attempt the question in the exam.
  • Practice atleast 50 questions from each section such that you will able to apply concepts in  DM set.
  • Practice previous question papers or sample papers to know the type and difficulty level of question paper.

UPSEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Current Affairs

For this section, you must read the latest news and events taking place at national and international levels. You can read e-newspapers or can download the short news apps in the mobile phones. Having knowledge of current affairs will always help you. Moreover, it will act as a differentiating factor to achieve a good rank in the exam.

  • Make notes of the latest events which are important.
  • Write important dates, stats and event taglines.
  • Read about latest awards and honors.
  • Revise these notes regularly so that you do not forget the past month news.
  • Take online GK quiz to analyze your preparation.

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