VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – The VEE exam takes places to take admission in the MBA  Programme of Vels University. So, candidates who are aspiring to take the test must start their preparation as soon as possible. The right VEE MBA 2019 Preparation includes an approach to right books, syllabus, and strategy. After that comes the time management, mock practice, and test analysis. You must devote some time to your studies daily to keep the preparation going. After preparing for each topic individually, you must give mocks daily to practice miscellaneous topics in one go. To know more about VEE MBA 2019 Preparation tips, strategy, and syllabus, refer the complete article below.

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation

For any exam preparation, you must practice mocks according to is exam pattern. This way you will adapt to the question paper that will come in the exam. So, let’s start the preparation strategy by going through the exam pattern of VEE MBA 2019.

VEE MBA 2019 Exam Pattern

For the candidates, who are preparing for any management aptitude test must know its exact exam pattern. You can check the number and type of sections in the exam to prepare accordingly.

Mode of Examination – The exam is a pen and paper-based test.

Duration of test – Candidates have to complete the test in 90 minutes.

Medium of test – The test paper will be in English only.

Marking Scheme – Each question carries a weightage of 1 mark.

Negative Marking –  There is no negative in this paper.

Total Number of questions – There are total 100 questions in the exam.

Sections in VEE Paper

  • Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • General knowledge

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Syllabus

The examination is an aptitude test assessing the candidates on the basis of verbal ability, analytical reasoning, logical reason, and general knowledge.

  • Verbal Ability – Reading comprehension, Synonyms, Antonyms, Syllogisms, vocabulary, grammar etc.
  • Logical Reasoning – Coding-Decoding, Sequence & Series, Arrangements, Odd one out, Calendars, clocks etc.
  • Analytical Reasoning – It includes the quantitative ability and data interpretation. Topics are algebra, mensuration, profit-loss, partnership, geometry, permutation & combination, tables, graphs, pie charts etc.
  • General knowledge – Current Affairs, Important dates, famous personalities, taglines, abbreviation etc.

To download the complete UPSEE MBA Syllabus, Click Here.

vee mba preparation

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Verbal Ability

To prepare for this section you must start reading more and more. This way you will improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Given below are some tips to prepare this section well.

Reading comprehension

  • First of all, develop a habit of reading magazines or newspapers. You can also read informative articles or blogs on psychology, politics etc. Besides this, also start noticing the time in which you are able to read and understand a complete article. With time try to reduce the time because in order to save time you must read faster. This will help you a lot to while attempting reading comprehension passages.
  • While reading a passage create a map of important points of each paragraph in your mind. This way you will know from which paragraph you can find the answer to a question.


  • Learn all the parts of speech. Like nouns, pronouns, adjective etc.
  • Pay attention to verbs and its parts like transitive and intransitive verbs.
  • After reading the rules, practice questions form it. Like this, you will remember how to apply rules of grammar.
  • Moreover, there are high chances that you tend to forget the rules. So, it is advisable that you revise them atleast after every 20 days.


  • For vocabulary part, read and learn new words daily.
  • Use the learned words frequently either in daily oral communication or writing.
  • Write new words in a dairy and revise them frequently.
  • Learn the context in which they are used and read the proper definition of a word atleast once.

To Refer VEE MBA 2019 Books, Click Here.

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Logical Reasoning

This section is all about finding a logic behind a question. It can come via long arrangements based questions or small sequence and series questions. You must practice all the topics so that you know the basic funda behind the question.

  • This section will become easy once you are done basics of each topic. Logical reasoning questions are comparatively easy if you are able to grasp the logic behind the question. This will come only after the repeated and strenuous practice.
  • Thoroughly practice questions like clocks and calendars. directions as they are easy to crack in the exam.
  • Practise previous year question papers or online test daily.
  • Read all the statements in these sets carefully as missing any options will result in blunder. Moreover, you will lose much of the precious time in the exam.
  • In the question, do not assume anything and rely only on the given information.
  • Give maximum 5-7 to a question, if you are not able to understand it, then move forward to attempt next question.

vee mba preparation

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – Analytical Reasoning

In this section, questions come from quantitative ability and data interpretation. So, for that be quick with the calculation part and applying concepts to the questions.

Quantitative Ability

  • Whenever you learn a new concept, write its formulas in a notebook. Keep them updated and revise them daily.
  • Take full 2-3 months to learn all the topics. This will take time but soon it will become easier to attempt mocks having miscellaneous questions.
  • Don’t focus only on the tricks and short method. They can lend you in a trap. So, learn the theory first and then move towards learning short methods.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from a topic. This way you will know how to apply formulas and concept to a question.

Data Interpretation

  • To prepare for this section, you need to get comfortable with big calculation and analysis of the data.
  • In the graph, pie charts type questions apart from checking pictorial information read the question also. There are some parameters that are not shown in the picture.
  • Get comfortable with fraction to percentage conversion and vice versa. For this, learn the fraction until the number 20. You should be quick to convert 1/3 to 33.33%.
  • Apart from that, learn tables, squares, cubes, square roots until 20 natural numbers.

VEE MBA 2019 Preparation – General Knowledge

For this section, you must read the latest news and events taking place at national and international levels. You can read e-newspapers or can download the short news apps in the mobile phones. Moreover, read static gk also like famous taglines, who is who etc.

  • Make notes of the latest events which are important.
  • Write important dates, stats and event taglines.
  • Read about latest awards and honors.
  • Revise these notes regularly so that you do not forget the past month news.
  • Take online GK quiz to analyze your preparation.

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