It was the winter of 2017 when I literally appeared for Common Admission Test (CAT) with cold feet. CAT is one of the biggest management entrance exams in India and getting cold feet on the D-day is obvious. But what I am about to tell you is a silly-funny incident when I had to give the exam without shoes or socks.

As said, such situation happened with me when I appeared for CAT last year. Being so occupied with other things, I forgot to carefully read the exam instructions. Though, I had taken care of the admit card, identity proof, photograph, travel arrangements and all. Everything was fine until I got to know that I was not allowed to wear shoes inside the exam hall and I have to leave them outside.

Unaware of the rule that only shoes with visible fingers are allowed inside the exam hall, I felt dumbstruck and found what a blunder I had done. There were candidates who also made the same mistakes which consoled me very much seeing that lots of students are like me 😛 .

As nothing could be done and I had to remove my shoes along with socks. Being in Delhi with cold weather, my body shivered once I stepped my foot on the cold floor. Even the chair or table didn’t have the footrest to comfort me. Resting the foot on toes made me more uncomfortable. When I lifted my legs, they felt heavy and realized that I couldn’t do anything. I was wishing if I could borrow the footwear from the candidate sitting beside me. That’s where I controlled myself.

The problem continued all the time during the exam and hence distracted me from the exam. Eventually, I started to lose my confidence and it affected my performance, as no one could be blamed for my situation. However, I learned my lesson of “how the exam instructions are important“.

So, if you are inspired by my situation even a little bit, do remember to read the CAT exam instructions. IIMs releases the instruction for exam day comprehensively. Not only the rules PDF but also important instruction video released by CAT conducting body. In the detailed instructions, there are some do’s and don’ts that candidates have to follow on test day.

There are some important rules to follow that includes taking the identity proof and admit card on a-4 size sheet only. Also, affix the photograph on it. Carry medical and authorization certificate if required. follow the dress code properly. Do not wear a sweater/ cardigans with pockets. Also, do not take any prohibited items on the exam.

Make sure that you do not have metal items on the exam day. In case it is there you have to leave them outside the exam hall. Co-operate during the frisking, document verification, and biometric process. While signing the attendance sheet make sure it matches with the sign available on admit card and on photo identity proof. Avoid any common errors on exam day.

Since you will not be allowed to take the bio-breaks. Make sure that you take only necessary liquids before the exam. Once you will enter the labs, you will not be allowed to leave it once the exam ends. Leave the test premises only after proper instructions and do not share actual exam details after taking the exam.

All the best for CAT!

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