XAT 2019 Preparation – To crack any exam it is important to follow the right strategy and books. If you stick to the proper plan, you will definitely see positive results in your preparation. So, choose the right books and approach for the exam. Since XAT is little different from CAT, it requires that you prepare for it accordingly. First, in the QA&DI section, the questions are conceptual and application based.  VA&LR is moderate to solve, depending upon the difficulty level of the exam. The most important section is Decision Making which no other exam has. So, keeping all these things in mind read preparation tips, books, exam strategy etc on the page below.

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XAT 2019 Preparation

In the exam, it is necessary that you keep a check on time. Divide 170 minutes into four sections, the fourth is the buffer time you can keep for questions to attempt at last. For example, what you can do is divide the time like this.

VALR: You can attempt 18-20 questions in about 40 mins.

DM: For Decision-making attempt 15-18 questions in about 50 mins.

QADI: Similarly, do 12-15 questions in about 60 mins.

GK: For general awareness section 10 mins will suffice.

Buffer Time: Keep last 20 minutes for revision and leftover questions.

Now we have known about the number of section and time to spend on them. We can now look at the strategy to crack the exam section by section.

Decision Making

This is the most different section in the whole paper. You can’t just solve the section using formula and tricks. It is completely based on your perspective of the problem. It will judge how will you behave and take decisions when you actually reach one of the managerial positions in a business. There isn’t any good book in the market which can champ you in decision making. What you can do is collect all the DM question from past year papers. This way you will get many questions to practice for.

Decision Making Preparation tips

  • Sit with your friends and solve questions in a group. This way you will know the perspective of each individual then you can all reach one conclusion. After that check the solution and if it is wrong then, analyze what you have missed.

You can find past year questions in Disha Experts book.

  • The secret of solving these questions is to think ethically. Ethics are most important that you must follow in life or learn in any organization you go.

For example: Imagine a situation where there is a man who lives somewhere far away from his hometown. One day he receives a call in the morning, he came to know that her mother is very sick and almost on the verge of death. So, he now has to catch a train to go to his hometown. He bought the ticket for Rs 300/- and left with Rs 200/- with him. After the boarded the train, TT came to him and asked for a ticket. Then he realizes that he does not have a ticket with him. Now, TT is not ready to listen to his excuses that he actually had a ticket. So what should he do now when has to reach his house urgently. Should he pay a bribe of Rs 200/- to TT and leave or what he can do else? Think think…….

See it is easy to answer that to pay a bribe and leave. As it is most convenient to the demand of the situation. It is not doing any harm to anyone.

But here is the trap. Always follow ethics, it is the basic thing to keep in mind in any situation. In the future, you will have to deal with many situations like this. Your ethics will always be tested in interviews of XLRI.

Back to the answer, according to me what he can do is. Tell the whole story to the TT, give his some identity or address and tell him that he will pay the ticket price once he reaches the home. There can be multiple answers but should be ethically based.

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Verbal and Logical Ability

The questions in this section are language-focused. You need to have much understanding of the English language. Reading comprehensions are not that long but rarely any question is direct passage based. You will see questions like what is the essence of the passage basically based on critical reasoning. So, you have to understand the passage thoroughly, mere reading will not work.

The exam does not contain direct vocabulary based question. It has jumble sentence questions and conclusion based on the short passage. So, if we now know the types of question comes in this section we can start preparing for it accordingly.

Reading Comprehension Preparation tips

  • For this section, prepare RCs which have question-based on critical reasoning.
  • Most importantly, XAT also has questions from poems, so start reading of good quality poems and start solving questions from it.
  • Try to make mental notes of important points while reading the passage.
  • Solve atleast four passages in a day. Try to pick articles of CAT/XAT level only.
  • Read articles from areas like philosophy, psychology, technology, sociology, etc. You can refer to sites like Arts and Letter daily.
  • Students can refer to the newspapers like The Hindu, Mint, The Business line as they have very rich content. You can note down good words from it.  Also, see the sentence construction and flow as well.
  • Once you get to know the gist of the paragraph you will not have to refer passage again and again. Make of sequence of events in mind like you do while reading novels.

Verbal Ability/ Logical Ability Preparation tips

This section includes topics which test students on reading, grasping, grammar, structuring, paraphrasing, and language knowledge.

  • Grammar is a continuous process. If you re-reading a particular grammar book then at one point of time you will get bored. So, instead of reading a book, pick up a piece of article. In that look at the use of grammar, note if you find something new.
  • Para Jumbles can be solved when you build the habit of reading. Moreover, the habit to analyze the flow of the passage. Once you master it, you will learn how to crack such type of questions.
  • For vocabulary based questions, though words are easy. But the familiarity between the words confuse the students most in the exam. So, while learning also looks at its synonym and try to learn their usages. For example “see” and “watch” are the synonym but the context in which they are used are different.

Recommended Books

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma Click Here
  • Mastering the Verbal Ability for Cat Common Admission Test by Arihant Click Here

Quantitative ability and Data Interpretation

Like other exams, XAT does not focus much on Logical reasoning and data interpretation, only a few sets of DI are there in the exam. In XAT 2018, there were two sets of DI. So, the focus is much on the data sufficiency and numerical ability questions.

Quantitative Ability Preparation tips

  • The major areas you must focus are Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability and Data Interpretation. Solve basic and application based question of these topics.
  • Give attention to the concepts, if you learn them then you will not have a problem attempting questions in XAT paper.
  • For, Data Interpretation, focus on graphs more. Many times questions are asked from graphs only. If you look at last year exam, there was a question on Games and Tournaments also. So, prepare this topic as well.
  • Apart from this, this section is automatically prepared if you are preparing for other exams as well like CAT/IIFT.

Recommended Books

  • Quantum Cat 2018 by Sarvesh.K. Sharma Click Here
  • Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT by Arun Sharma Click Here

If you need any assistance or want more tips, comment below. You are also welcome to share tips and pieces of advice to crack the exam.
XAT 2019

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