How to Prepare for XAT Essay Writing

Essay Writing is an important section in the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT). The marks of this section are not evaluated while calculating the percentile. Though, an effective essay in XAT can really help you to improve your chances to get selected in XLRI Jamshedpur. It has around 15-20% weightage while preparing for the final merit list. This is a very big mistake if you do not attempt this section or leave it incomplete. Moreover, interviewers can also ask questions from the essay you have written in the exam. So, why rush for XAT essay preparation just before the exam, when you can do the same bit by bit daily.

In XAT 2019, the Essay writing will be computer based. So, in case you have slow typing speed, then you must improve it also. As you tend to make more mistakes while typing and it needs editing as well. Thus, work on your reading habit, typing speed, vocabulary, spellings, thought collections and presentation.

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What Should a Good XAT Essay Contain?

The Essay section is like WAT session during the selection process of different management institutes. So, you must not take it lightly and prepare for it with equal dedication. You will have total 35 minutes to attempt the general awareness and essay writing section in the exam.

Data / Knowledge

To write a good essay, you need to have a background knowledge about that particular topic. Moreover, adding the proper data and stats is like an icing on the cake. So, it is necessary that you read newspapers daily and keep track of the latest events of the national & International level. Even in abstract topics, you can use this knowledge to present your views.

Structure of the Essay

Once you collected the viewpoints, it is necessary that you present them systematically. A good structure shows the clarity of thoughts and shows how are able to stick & convince your viewpoint.

Are you too Brutal? Management is the Key

In the article, it is the attitude which matters a lot. You can’t be always extremist on a given topic. You need to create a balance. It is not a rule but it shows that you are reaching a conclusion after considering all the aspects of the situation. This is something a good manager always do.

Vocabulary, Grammar & Spellings

In a good essay, it is like brownie points, if you use effective and rich vocabulary. It is not compulsory to use difficult and uncommon words but they should be like the one you read in newspapers, magazines etc. Moreover, making spelling & Grammar mistakes are not affordable. You cannot afford to lose marks due to minor grammar and spelling mistakes.

How To Prepare for XAT Essay Writing?

In order to prepare for XAT, you must read a lot. If you build your knowledge base then it will be convenient for you to write an essay. Below there are certain points which you may follow to prepare XAT Essay Writing.


Read newspapers daily. Reading different sources and topics help you to gather facts, information for the essay. I also recommend you to read abstract articles also. For example, “The Speaking Tree” in The Times of India.


It is important to express your views and present them systematically. This is one of the qualities of a manager to express his views clearly. So, if you struggle to write an essay, then you should write something daily. You can start by writing a personal diary, blogs, answers on Quora, and also essays. You can pick any topic and start writing on it. Initially, you may struggle and find hard to write a smooth and informative article. But once you keep on writing then you will definitely able to reach your target.

Write a article daily, it will not only help while XAT Essay Writing but during WAT round also.


Like I said give a balanced viewpoint of a topic. Think its impact on the different stakeholders. Is it ethically correct? Are your views biased? etc. If you make your points like this, then you can will definitely able to write a balanced and unbiased essay.

Typing Speed

If you have slow typing speed then you must improve it. You can do it by practicing writing on desktop only. Moreover, you must able to write atleast 40 words per minute. This way you will also able to spare time for editing your answer.

Structure of the Essay

It is necessary that you give proper structure to the essay. Keep negative and positive points separately. It should seem like that you are considering all the viewpoints and then reaching a conclusion. The basic structure of an essay followed popularly is:

  • Introduction
  • Background or Related History
  • Main Concept/ About subject/ Theory
  • Is there any current scenario related to it
  • Positives
  • Negatives/ Obstacles
  • Suggested Reforms/ Current Actions
  • Conclusion

XAT Essay Writing

Reading Sources for XAT Essay Writing

Here are some reading suggestions from where you can take help. Reading will help you prepare not only essay writing but also general knowledge.


  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • The Economic Times
  • Mint
  • The Guardian (International)
  • BBC (International)


  • The Economist.
  • India Today.
  • Frontline.


  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Animal Farm
  • Indian after Gandhi
  • The Old Man and The Sea
  • Midnight’s Children
  • One Hundred Years Of Solitude

Will add more………..

Type of Essays in XAT

The essay can come in any form ie knowledge-based or situational base. Generally, they are,

  • Abstract
  • Knowledge-Based
  • Statement Based

You can read a variety of articles to gain insight into different viewpoints.

  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Art
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Business

XAT Previous Year Essay Topics

Here is the previous year XAT topics to know the type of essay topics of the exam.

Year Essay Topic
2018 “Can ethical values and sustainability coexist?”
2017 “Globalisation and Jingoism always coexist!”
2016 “Technology and nature are natural enemies”
2015 “Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand. We only listen to refute or reply.“
2014 “The most beautiful things in life can not be seen or touched with hands; they can only be felt with the heart. ”
2013 “Corruption is the root cause of the economic slowdown in India”
2012 Statement I – Poverty is the major problem that is plaguing India. Because of the magnitude and complexity of this problem, government policies are not successful.

Statement II – Poverty is a consequence of the government policies. Instead of trying to address the problem, the government should concentrate on the root causes of the problem.

Support one of the statements. Justify it with examples.

2011 “The statesman who should attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals would not load himself with the most unnecessary attention but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council or senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous in hands of man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.”
2010 “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed need”.
2009 “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of riches; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries
2008 “The Inherent vice of Capitalism is unequal sharing of blessings and the inherent virtue of Socialism is equal sharing of misery”
2007 “Economic growth without environmental damage – a mirage or a reality.”
2006 “India has one of the largest pool of talented manpower, but few innovations and patented products.”
2005 “More than one billion Indians: A gigantic problem or a sea of opportunities.

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